Willow Creek Cabin Guest Comments


 A sampling of comments taken from our guest books from 2003 through the present.

Thanks for allowing us to stay at your rustic mountain cabin.  We really enjoyed our stay in the Rocky Mts!  The bubbling brook by the cabin gave that extra special peaceful touch to our stay.  We really loved the Allenspark Community Church.  It was a blessing to sing the hymns of faith and hear a message out of God’s Word by Pastor Rex Roth.  Our first hike was up to Ouzel Falls.  Beautiful.  We loved the Old Trail Road up to the top of the mountain.  We experienced a thunderstorm with rain, snow, and hail.  We saw Grand Lake with the quaint shops.  We hiked to Bear Lake, Cub Lake, and many others.  What pleasant weather . . . cool!  We saw many elk, hawk, squirrels, rabbits, jays, chipmunks, pikas, etc.  Hope to visit up here again in the future. - Merl & Nancy, & daughter Julie - 30th Anniversary and family trip, 8/06


For our stay, Willow Creek Cabin was base camp for a July 30th ascent of Long’s Peak.  Three of us are 50+ high school friends seeking to re-kindle the flames of youth and adventure.  We successfully climbed the peak and walked the long way back to the Long’s Peak trailhead.  Two sons, Stephen and John, joined us on the climb along with Christie.  All of them performed commendably under strenuous circumstances.  The red Tibetan prayer flag that we hung on the deck was divided among them as a memento fo their first climb of Long’s.  . . .  Our climb lifted our spirits in the grandeur of nature.  Life is good.  David P., Topeka, KS, (a regular guest of Willow Creek Cabin) 7/06


Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in your wonderful cabin.  This would have been the perfect writer’s retreat had the photographer and adventurer in me not come out!   Your cabin was a wonderful home base – it’s so centrally located!  . . .   If I ever return to Colorado, I will definitely check here first. - Tasha G., Jennings, LA, 7/06


Vicki & Gordon - Our week is nearly up and we’re wishing we could stay longer!  The weather’s been perfect and we’ve enjoyed staying at your cabin in the peace and quiet of Allenspark. We’ve made some hikes . . . it’s [Rocky Mountain National Park] a great park for hiking.  We especially enjoyed the Moraine Park area.  In fact, we’ve been impressed with the generally “unsullied” appearance of the Park.  Thanks!  Ona & Roger I., Sioux City, IA, 9/05 - P.S. Enjoyed some of your books, i.e. Ogden Nash, Willa Cather, etc.  Our tastes are similar.



Vicki & Gordon - We truly were on a “Rocky Mountain High” this week.  Needless to say, the cabin has been its own little bit of heaven at the end of each day.  You have something very special here.  We saw no bears, but did see elk, deer, hawks, a multitude of chipmunks and the soon to be migrating hummingbirds.  We hope to be back to Colorado soon!  Liz & Bill F., Coventry, RI, 9/05


Dear Vicki & Gordon - We really enjoyed our stay in your mountain cabin.  It has been 15 years since we have been back to Colorado.  We loved going to RMNP every day.  The kids had fun playing in your creek and especially the loft.  The horseback riding scenery was awesome.  It was fun going into Estes for dining and t-shirt shopping.  This is a great location - close enough to the Park, but far enough away from everything.  We really enjoyed being away from the TV for one week.  We look forward to return some day to Allenspark, CO.  Sandy, Brian, Natalie, Emily & Luke T., Cincinnati, OH, 8/05


 Dear Gordon and Vicki - Thank you very much for this beautiful and interesting cabin.  It is very cozy.  The attic is the neatest part about it.  The deck is one of the most majestic and glorious sights I’ve ever seen.  The way the stream flows so comfortingly and smoothly.  The way the green color of the trees and bushes surrounds the stream, making it all look like a masterpiece of a painting.  It’s one of the best thinking places of all.  It has also been a great place for all of us to read our books.  The Frigo Family, 7/05   


            We traveled from Reno to be tourists all day. 

            We sure think that Willow Creek is a fun place to play.

            Claire loved the solitude; I finally was able to relax.

            The small vacation for us was enjoyed to the max.

            In the final analysis, when all had been said

            The only complaint was the squeak of the bed.

                                                                                                Bill & Claire, 4/05

            [Hosts’ note: We believe the squeak was only poetic license, but future guests should be pleased that a new bed is in place.]



Dear Vicki & Gordon - Hard to say the favorite attraction: the beauty of the creek or the loft!  It’s a 12 year old boy’s dream of fun in a mountain getaway!   Barbara E. & family, Denver.  10/04    Dear Vicki & Gordon - Thank you so much for opening up your cozy, beautiful and peaceful home to us!  This place was a wonderful haven to come back to after a day’s hiking, and in no time we were calling your cabin “home”.  We thoroughly enjoyed floating our plastic boats down your stream and having a place to cook fresh breakfast in the morning!  Your cabin was everything we needed, and especially everything we hoped for!  We are going to go back to Texas with wonderful and warm memories of your cabin.  Gloria, Bob, Veronica, Audrey & Colleen G., 6/04


Vicki & Gordon - What a wonderful Christmas we had up here!  A perfect getaway - Our Christmas dinner on your new moose plates will be remembered fondly.  The weather was interesting . . . we hiked the Wild Basin trail in the snow and in 20 degree temps one day, and the next day we hiked at Hall Ranch near Lyons without our coats in 50 degree weather.  The following day we were almost blown away by the gale force winds at Lily Lake.!  And today, maybe we’ll be able to leave . . . there’s at least 8" of snow on the ground and it’s still snowing.  But this certainly wouldn’t be a bad place to be stuck!  Thanks for the candy canes & Christmas stockings and for a great break from the real-world news and events!  Terry, Kathy, Kelly & Stacy B., Christmas, 03/New Year’s 04


Dear Vicki & Gordon - Thank you for sharing your cabin with us – we have really enjoyed our visit!  This has been a lovely place to honeymoon, quiet, cozy, and just far enough away from civilization!  We’ve become very fond of this adorable mountain retreat, and we hope to visit again some day!  Mark & Chrystal H., 12/03


We had a wonderful stay and found this the perfect way to relax over the Thanksgiving holiday, surrounded with all the beauty of the area.  We return to the hustle and bustle of real life with renewed energy.  And when the city starts dragging us down, it will be the memories that you helped us to create that we will draw upon for continued strength.  The VanDerWege family, 11/03